The Ombudsman


Adrian Usher became Prisons and Probation Ombudsman on 24 April 2023.

Deputy Ombudsman

Fatal Incidents

Deputy Ombudsman


Deputy Ombudsman

Research, Strategy and Corporate Services



Susannah Eagle




Miriam Minty, Complaints Deputy



Susannah Eagle is responsible for investigating deaths that occur in prison, young offender institutions, probation approved premises and immigration removal centres. Miriam Minty is responsible for investigating complaints from prisoners, immigration detainees and young people in detention.
Kimberley Bingham is responsible for driving the research and strategy agenda, which also includes policy, communications and knowledge management. Kimberley also oversees the provision of corporate services to the office, including finance, IT and HR.
Assistant Ombudsmen

Lisa Burrell

Tallulah Frankland

Caroline Mills

Louise Richards


Assistant Ombudsmen

Vicki Cole

Neil Mullane

Lee Quinn

Jennie Drew

Nick Woodhead

Head of Assessment Team

Leoni Larbi

Head of Research, Data and Analysis

Alec Martin

Head of Corporate Services

Peter Dixon

 Head of Strategy

Nikki Robinson


Fatal Incident Investigations Organogram




Complaints organogram