PPO/HMPPS Impact Symposium: the PPO challenge to HMPPS

100 senior HMPPS leaders gather at the PPO/HMPPS Impact Symposium in London in March

The Ombudsman set expectations for the day by posing a series of questions to delegates, encouraging them to consider the impact of the PPO’s recommendations, and what more collectively we could do to change behaviours, embed learning and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

The morning session thereafter comprised a series of presentations from the heads of each of the PPO’s three main functions: Susannah Eagle (Deputy Ombudsman – Complaints); Elizabeth Moody (Deputy Ombudsman – Fatal Incidents); and, Kimberley Bingham (Deputy Ombudsman – Learning Lessons).

Outlining the scope of the issue, proposing solutions, inviting the audience to challenge or disagree, each presentation concentrated on a specific area of engagement:

  • Why do prisons not implement PPO recommendations? What barriers, specific and/or systemic do they encounter?
  • How can we monitor and support the implementation of PPO recommendations? Is there an existing model that works and how can we replicate it?
  • What more can we do to ensure that learning from PPO investigations is communicated to and embedded with front line staff?
Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, Impact Symposium
Click on the image to download the slide pack from the Symposium