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Welcome to Issue 7 of The Investigator!

In this issue, we focus on the work we are doing to raise awareness of the PPO; who we are and what we do. This work, which started last year but continues across several initiatives, is already showing signs of success. Our adverts on Prison Radio for example, resulted in more people in prison knowing about us and how to complain to us, to ensure they receive a prompt response to their complaint. Improvements we have made to our website has also attracted more visitors to the site, with more engagement in the reports and articles we publish there.

In this edition of The Investigator, you’ll read an article by one of our investigators about the work we are doing to give prison staff a better understanding of the PPO. We also share recent articles we have written for Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees, as part of our regular contribution to that paper. I hope you enjoy reading these and that they give you a sense of how we are reaching out to those who can, and should, engage with us, both in prisons and externally.

Since the last edition, we have published our first thematic bulletin on complaints we received since lockdown started last March. A thematic bulletin on COVID-19 related deaths we have investigated will be published in February too. We plan to issue more of these bulletins, which distil the learning from our investigations and highlight lessons for the services we investigate. We will send the bulletins to those on our mailing list and will also publish them on our website.

The Investigator is an important publication for us, and we are pleased that it is read by so many of our partners and stakeholders. Please contact us with any feedback you have on the articles we include and any suggestions you have for future editions.

Thank you for reading.

Sue McAllister CB, Prisons and Probation Ombudsman

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